Aeluropus littoralis

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Barhoumi Z, Djebali W, Abdelly C, Chaibi W, Smaoui A (2008) Ultrastructure of Aeluropus littoralis leaf salt glands under NaCl stress. Protoplasma

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All the species listed here are offshoots from the widespread and highly variable species Aeluropus littoralis (Gouan) Parlatore, which occurs from Europe to.

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Halocnemum strobilaceum, Aeluropus littoralis and

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Aeluropus littoralis Aetheorhiza bulbosa Agropyron junceum. Daucus carota Daucus guttatus Daucus involucratus Daucus littoralis Delphinium peregrinum

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fragans (15.53); Puccinellia fasciculata, Aeluropus littoralis.

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Salt-induced reduction in shoot spermine pool of Aeluropus littoralis by Najmeh, Nasiri; Ehsan, Shokri; Ghorbanali, Nematzadeh / Advances in Environmental.

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Aeluropus littoralis Agropyron caninum

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. stress tolerance in tobacco and wheat harbouring the AlSAP gene from Aeluropus littoralis") at the University of Sfax (Tunisia) on the 29th August 2011.

December 2011 issue

Two new isogenes encoding heavy metal ATPase have been partially cloned from Aeluropus littoralis genome. One of them was 849 bp in length and related.

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Classification and Analysis of Soil Factor for Aeluropus Littoralis Var. Sinensis Community in Songnen Grassland

February 2014 | Australian Journal of Crop Science

Summary Aeluropus littoralis as a genetic source for salinity resistance is one of the promising species for genetic improvement and performance of crop.

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Information on Aeluropus littoralis is currently being researched and written and will appear here shortly…

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Salinity response pattern and isolation of catalase gene from halophyte plant Aeluropus littoralis

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Codon bias patterns in photosynthetic genes of halophytic grass Aeluropus littoralis

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The Study of Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Salt Stress and Identification of it’s Gene from Aeluropus littoralis F.Moradian, M.Modarresi, and G.A.

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Aeluropus littoralis - Aeluropus littoralis Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste - Progetto Dryades - Picture by Andrea Moro - Distretto di.

July 2014 | Plant Knowledge Journal

Evaluation of cellular responses of the halophyte Aeluropus littoralis to salinity stress through cell growth, sugars and polyamines content

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Characterization and expression of a vacuolar Na+/H+ antiporter gene from the monocot halophyte Aeluropus littoralis

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